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East Photographic / Leandro Farina / Still Life shoot

I was on set producing for

East Photographic

 and managed to get a few behind the scenes pictures of

Leandro Farina

and his creative team at work. Personally I find still life to be one of more creative shoots you get to produce. The lighting and set builds are so crucial to showing the reader an object in a new way. 

This shoot brief and concept was devised by a leading ad agency British Airways for BBH 

So hard to say goodbye.

Having worked at


for just over two years it's time to say goodbye and then hello to the 

Terrie Tanaka

 agency for a short contract. I've truly enjoyed working with so many hugely talented people and have many a fond memories of producing with so many talented photographers. It was a blast! 

Round up round up!

It's been a busy past few weeks at the Lisa Pritchard Agency so lets catch up. This year LPA held a competition to find the best new and emerging photography talent which has just been launched under the 

Futures photography

 division for 2013-2015. The work ranges from both abstract art portraits to beautifully lit food photography. As a producer what I'm looking forward is seeing how this translates to a commercial shoot for the new futures. 

 To mark the occasion the launch has been teamed an exhibition at

Great Eastern Bear

along with a series of events. One of the events which I was invited to be a part of was a Q&A panel along with industry experts 

from the fields of advertising, design and insurance. We were tackling a few preselected questions from people new to the industry or just looking for advice.  

The panel included: 

Danielle Bouchard  Production (Yup me)  



Tom Carson Managing Director / 

Williamson Carson

Sarah Knight  Senior Project Manager & Producer / 


Lisa Pritchard    Founder



Paul West   Partner /


A breakdown of the questions and my answers can be found on the

LPA blog

. For me it was a great to meet see so many truly hard working people out there in a competitive industry trying to make it work.  The exhibition is on until the 9th June please check it out if your in the area.  

The gang – Dani, Lauren, Georgina, Tom and Alexa from LPA, LPA photographers 

Sam Stowell


Rowan Fee

, LPA Futures 

Gerwyn Davies

Holly Pickering


Michela Nale

, and LPA Stylist

Charlie Cave

. Image from the launch night. 

On your bike.

Congratulations to

Victoria Pendleton

, who received her CBE on Tuesday 26th March.

Team LPA

had the pleasure of shooting, styling and doing the hair and makeup for the 

former Olympian’s retro styled bikes designed for



More behind the scenes images are to follow, but Victoria clearly liked the cape

Alice Timms

brought for the shoot, so much so that Victoria wore it the following day to collect her CBE.

Shot at

Ragley Hall

a beautiful stately home in Stratford owned by the 

9th Marquess of Hertford. Such an amazing location it warrants a second visit.