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D&AD Awards

The last few months have been a whirlwind of production, however I did find time to go to the D&AD Awards. My first time there and I made it out alive. I can only imagine what it was like at the awards in the 80's…And not in a good way.   

Upon arrival I saw that Making Pictures had a rather impressive photo booth. Taking the pictures was none other then

Tom Van Schelven

so I couldn't resist having a picture done. Normally more comfortable on the other side here I am with the talented Tom Martin from

Music by Mcasso

As a part of the new blood festival photographer 

Olly Burn

is hosting a workshop along side Louise Bowen about making it as a pro. Tickets are less then the price of a cinema ticket, round, travel card most things in London. If your an aspiring photographer t

ickets available on the D&AD site