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Round up round up!

It's been a busy past few weeks at the Lisa Pritchard Agency so lets catch up. This year LPA held a competition to find the best new and emerging photography talent which has just been launched under the 

Futures photography

 division for 2013-2015. The work ranges from both abstract art portraits to beautifully lit food photography. As a producer what I'm looking forward is seeing how this translates to a commercial shoot for the new futures. 

 To mark the occasion the launch has been teamed an exhibition at

Great Eastern Bear

along with a series of events. One of the events which I was invited to be a part of was a Q&A panel along with industry experts 

from the fields of advertising, design and insurance. We were tackling a few preselected questions from people new to the industry or just looking for advice.  

The panel included: 

Danielle Bouchard  Production (Yup me)  



Tom Carson Managing Director / 

Williamson Carson

Sarah Knight  Senior Project Manager & Producer / 


Lisa Pritchard    Founder



Paul West   Partner /


A breakdown of the questions and my answers can be found on the

LPA blog

. For me it was a great to meet see so many truly hard working people out there in a competitive industry trying to make it work.  The exhibition is on until the 9th June please check it out if your in the area.  

The gang – Dani, Lauren, Georgina, Tom and Alexa from LPA, LPA photographers 

Sam Stowell


Rowan Fee

, LPA Futures 

Gerwyn Davies

Holly Pickering


Michela Nale

, and LPA Stylist

Charlie Cave

. Image from the launch night.