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This is my job

Last autumn I had one of those days where I though 'I love this job' 

Working with photographer

Julian Love

I got to spend a day out in London visiting the sites and enjoying the city. Julian was commissioned by Samsung Galaxy and I've picked a couple of my favourite images as well as a couple of my

 behind the scenes.

It's funny when...

It's funny, earlier today I walked past an image that rang a bell, then I realised it's because I produced eons ago. This was a rather conceptual shot for Image Source, shot on the roof gardens of our old office in Soho. At the time I remember thinking… 'humm I wonder if anyone will ever use this image?' They did, a sushi shop promoting healthy living. Show you what do I know?  

D&AD Awards

The last few months have been a whirlwind of production, however I did find time to go to the D&AD Awards. My first time there and I made it out alive. I can only imagine what it was like at the awards in the 80's…And not in a good way.   

Upon arrival I saw that Making Pictures had a rather impressive photo booth. Taking the pictures was none other then

Tom Van Schelven

so I couldn't resist having a picture done. Normally more comfortable on the other side here I am with the talented Tom Martin from

Music by Mcasso

As a part of the new blood festival photographer 

Olly Burn

is hosting a workshop along side Louise Bowen about making it as a pro. Tickets are less then the price of a cinema ticket, round, travel card most things in London. If your an aspiring photographer t

ickets available on the D&AD site 


Night Basketball

I recently produced a personal project for Olly Burn. It was an opportunity to work with a great team of players  who are brilliant at the sport they play. Thank you London Rec for putting us in touch with such a wonderful team. 

Special thank you to the team; Lucelia, Durrell, Larry, Nikolas and Faruq.  

On the Making Pictures site

MP / Olly Burn 

More images can be seen here

Olly Burn - Night Basketball

It's a dog life.

How have I just come across Maddie?

I like an animal internet sensation and Maddie is pretty special. Maddie is a rescue dog that likes to stand on things. I feel completely incapable as a human now. 

The images are beautifully shot, interesting  and humerous. Please lets hope this crosses over into commercial photography soon. 

Maddie is


and her owner has gone on to create

'This wild idea'

Friday afternoon requests, how many have you heard?

I've come across a few rather unusual requests in my time which is pretty standard if you work in advertising. My favourite being the day before a beach shoot the art director asked  'shall we bring some sand incase it rains?'. Ah no that would be a silly idea unless you have a Mary Poppins type bag, which unfortunately they didn't. They did however get a ceramic bowl in shot which is what every family takes to the beach?! 

It's rather lovely that Mark Shanley & Paddy Tracey worked together on the 'sharp suit' series with a team of ad creatives, designers, illustrators to turn feedback into illustrated posters. 

Makes the friday afternoon request all more more reasonable. 

Please click below for the full series 


Who's bright idea was this?

Perhaps it's a brainstorming session gone wrong at company HQ or Pizza Hut's attempt to break into the luxe fast food market. 

Either way it's some kind of frankenstein pizza/burger hybrid that appeared in my postbox this morning.  

It's like a crazy pizza hamburger Frankenstein creation why?