A personal website for my production work.


Danielle offers agent and consultancy services to photographers who would benefit from the knowledge of an experienced agent with your portfolio edit, advice on personal projects or work with a photographers clients to win business.  These sessions are tailored to your needs, but services include: 

•   AGENT SERVICES | Acting on your behalf I would advise and negotiate fee's and usages ensuring your rights are covered and protected. 

•   CONSULTANCY | Strategic guidance to help photographers move their work forward and work in new markets. 


Danielle has over ten years experience as a producer and can manage the full production whether you need support with treatments, pre-production meetings, recce, castings,  through to final invoicing.

This means that on set you can focus on delivering the creative as the production and clients will all be looked after. Experience includes:

    •    Art Buying + commissioning - Photography, CGI and illustration. 
    •    Budgeting + Scheduling.
    •    Copyright, usage + I.P.
    •    Location, sourcing, scouting and booking. 
    •    Models, casting, contracts and negation. 
    •    Lighting + Photographic equipment packages
    •    Crew sourcing.
    •    Travel + Carnets + Visas.
    •    Permits + Insurance.
    •    On set production management.
    •    Post Production Management.

Should you wish to know more about any of these services or have a project on the horizon please get in touch.